About Us


Reviewed by Friends provides a FREE way for businesses/professionals to gain maximum exposure and potential referrals from their close-knit social circles. Just create a simple biz profile, and invite people (e.g. friends, family, and happy customers) to review your business. They will be prompted to invite their own friends with whom they will share reviews of businesses, including yours. Unlike reviews posted by strangers on the Internet, this is a way for individuals to see which businesses/professionals their trusted friends and family are recommending! Each time a person gives you a review, you/your business will be shared in that new person's social circle! Get 1 person to review you, and you'll be in 1 social circle; get 48 people to review you, and you'll be in 48 social circles! As each social circle could be comprised of hundreds of people, the more reviews you get, the more reach you will have to many more potential customers!


How can a person trust online reviews of businesses and professionals if so many are written by the businesses themselves - or by some disgruntled, ex-employee? Reviewed by Friends solves this problem! Now you can see reviews of businesses and professionals written by your own friends and family - people whom you trust most! Just sign up and invite friends. It's FREE